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How You Can Sleep, Focus, and Perform Better with BrainTap

Updated: May 22

In our exclusive interview with BrainTap founder Dr. Patrick Porter, we discover the science behind our favorite new meditation device. Click above to watch the full video.

BrainTap was developed by Dr. Porter over his more than 30-year career to help people build a better brain. Leveraging the principles of neuropsychology, Dr. Porter has created an app and device that work together to reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce pain, and elevate performance.

BrainTap works with the brain's natural neuroplasticity, using photobiomodulation technology in the headset synched with audio from the BrainTap that is available for download to your phone via the App Store. Red and blue LED lights deliver energy to your ears through the headphones. Simultaneously, low-level blue LEDs flash over your closed eyes in precise rhythms, energizing your brain. Initially BrainTap was only available through clinical practices and more recently became available directly to consumers.

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BrainTap is now available for home use

While the technology is cutting-edge, BrainTap draws on ancient wisdom and how frequencies affect the brain. "A candle flickers at 10hz, which is the brain's frequency for creativity and relaxation," explains Porter. "This frequency creates alpha waves. We utilize the brain's frequency following response to get you from beta to alpha states."

This quick change of state allows users to switch from sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest & digest), working to restore the imbalanced nervous systems most of us have today. "Two-thirds of adults aren't sleeping well because they don't have enough theta," says Porter. "In most of the programs, we are taking a full four-hour sleep cycle and collapsing it into 20 minutes. [By contrast] in the sleep programs, we take you through a few cycles, but then we drop you off in Delta and don't bring you back." Delta is the wavelength of deep, restorative sleep that we are all hopefully getting at least an hour of every night.

"Gurus have said we're cheating."

-Dr. Patrick Porter

There are over 2,000 different audio programs on the app that combine elements of meditation and hypnosis to help users achieve different goals. The three main categories are cognitive function, improved sleep, and performance, but there are specific programs for everything from reducing anxiety and losing weight to improving your golf game.

It is known that experienced meditators can achieve significantly deeper meditative states. With BrainTap, access to these deep states in is at your fingertips. For this reason, it's become a darling of biohackers like Dave Asprey and a secret weapon for professional athletes, including Tom Brady. It is also useful to alleviate jet lag, improve focus, recalibrate after stressful events, and much more.

Braintap device for mediation, relaxation and performance. It uses red light in your ears
BrainTap Device with LEDs

While we are very excited about the device, many people only use the app with regular headphones to great success. Much of the research was conducted with only the app. Watch our interview with Dr. Porter and learn more about how it works, the brain, and how the home field advantage really works.

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