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YOU MIGHT BE A BIOHACKER IF...'ve ever tried to improve your health or performance with a new diet or nutritional supplement. It might sound scary, but "biohacking" is simply the act of learning how your bodily systems work and effecting a desired outcome through intentional actions. Biohackers use science, technology, and self-experimentation to improve physical and mental performance.Sometimes biohackers jump on new studies, not waiting for the classic double blind studies. That's ok as long as proposed treatments are extremely safe and without side effects. Or with significantly fewer side effects than the chemical pharmaceutical options. 

Goldilocks Wellness strives to strike this delicate balance between conventional medicine and 21st century science. Having adverse events from prescription meds as well as risky treatments, Hadley Henriette created Goldilocks Wellness as a safe space to find verified information, wellness-centered events and products in service of living a healthier, fuller life.


Not too corporate and not too woo woo, Goldilocks Wellness seeks to do everything just right. 

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