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Hydrotherapy is the Key to Four Seasons Milan

Milan four seasons hydrotherapy spa underground chic
A pool fit for ancient royalty at Four Seasons Milan

Nestled in the heart of Milan, the Four Seasons Hotel offers a historic setting for its world-renowned spa. Located in a former 15th-century convent, renowned architect Patricia Urquiola blends the ancient with the modern for a unique and serene retreat. The star of the show? A perfect subterranean pool for their famous hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy harnesses the healing properties of water and has been around since ancient times. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs enjoyed therapeutic baths as did Greeks and Romans, who took it to unprecedented levels. The spa at the Four Seasons in Milan picks up this tradition with a world-class hydrotherapy circuit. The circuit features a stunning indoor pool, whirlpools with soothing jets that target specific areas of the body, and a series of therapeutic showers. There is also a relaxation lounge off the pool, a sauna, and seven rooms for facial, body, and massage treatments, as well as a Rossano Ferretti hair salon to put yourself back together after being so expertly deconstructed.

In addition to creative offerings like the Flow & Glow facial and Face Yoga, the spa can put together a tailored wellness journeys that may include yoga and Pilates sessions, guided meditation, and personalized fitness training in its fabulous gym, which is popular with not only guests but Milanese locals.

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