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Unique Modalities at The Stable Spa

Updated: Feb 22

the beautiful stable spa at horseshoe farm in hendersonville, nc
The Stable Spa at Horseshoe Farm

The Horseshoe Farm in Hendersonville, North Carolina, is one-of-a-kind. The property boasts impeccable western-centric interior design, a farm-to-table restaurant, bucolic farm views framed by the distant Great Smoky Mountains, and a diverse selection of rental properties. Even with all these attributes, I was most excited about the Stable Spa, a former horse barn converted to a unique spa with an extensive menu of rare modalities I've ever seen outside the Canyon Ranch.

The first hint that this might be a little different, aside from the stunning interior by which you are surrounded, was the treatment menu, which included Intuitive Energy Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Hypnosis, Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage, Gem Elixir Foot Therapy, and more. [See the full list here] I opted for Cranial Sacral Therapy as I have been getting that semi-regularly in Miami as a means to control migraines, and that day I had a doozy.

stable spa at the horseshoe farm in hendersonville  nc
Cozy inside, cold outside in the winter

Luckily, they had availability that very day with Nicole Lilly. She has been a Healing Arts practitioner for 13 years and has a Master of Arts in Body Psychotherapy, and boy, could I feel it. She got to work gently pressing on just the right points to move energy, lymph and spinal fluids in the way only a CST expert can. Next month we'll share our exclusive interview with on of the country's top cranial sacral practitioners about how this unique therapy works.

massage table at stable spa at horseshoe farm in hendersonville nc
Treatment room at The Stable Spa

When I got up from the table an hour later, I was in much better shape than when I had started. It was not a stroke of sheer luck, either. I had an wonderful experience because the spa has a very talented roster of practitioners. Every single one has a high level of education rarely seen in other locales.

In addition to great services, steam, sauna, and polar bear-style cold plunges are also available on-site in their farm-styled spa buildings and designer pool. They even cover the jacuzzi with a translucent cover making it comfortable and fun for winter soaks.

horseshoe farm, pool deck for cold plunges in winter and jacuzzi
Horseshoe Farm's pool serves as a cold plunge in winter

In addition to regular spa services, The Stable Spa regularly hosts special events like Breathwork and Cold Plunge workshops, Sound Bath Journeys and more.


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